Winners don't just happen.

We select and breed animals with good temperament, conformation and color, in

that order. That's what it takes to make

an enjoyable partner and champion.

Pups ready
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New Litter Arrived

May 6, 2018 Morning!

​​UKC Bluetick Coonhounds


Reg. Tennessee Walking Horses

Pups Born 11/15/17


Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines, we breed and train our animals to be the champions that they are. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our animals, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into them. Then, rigorous training starts as soon as our young are able to run, ingraining in them the love of their sport.

Both the Tennessee Walking Horses and Bluetick Coonhounds are handled soon after birth to imprint humans as a non-threat. This early socialization helps later with family bonding and/or specific training.

Steadfast Endurance, LLC

​​Breeding & Raising our Passions.

5 Males and 3 Females

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Huntsville, Texas

"A Taste Of Tennessee"

Passionate about Breeding Tennessee Walking Horses and Bluetick Coonhounds



Steadfast Endurance, LLC breeds quality registered TWHBEA Tennessee Walking Horses and UKC Bluetick Coonhounds for pleasure and performance. Animals that are full of life, great personality, and proper conformation that become partners of enjoyment to fulfill your life.